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Vegan for the animals
Nathalie Luna, Luxembourg
Vegan for all beings and inner peace
Sophie, Luxembourg
vegan for the future of all beings and the planet
Becky, Luxembourg
Vegan out of respect for the animals
Viviane, Luxembourg
Vegan for our home, the earth.
Gilles, Luxembourg
Vegan for my health and fitness
Natalia, Luxembourg
Vegan for those who don‘t want to die
Bianca, Luxembourg
Vegan for our beautiful planet
Joi, Luxembourg
Vegan out of the respect for life
Emmanuel, Luxembourg
Vegan for all beings and the planet.
Jan, Luxembourg
Vegan for the animals and the future of my children
Ralph, Luxembourg
Vegan for the incredible health benefits
Jill, Luxembourg
Vegan out of respect for life
Donato, Luxembourg

Veganism in luxembourg

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About us

Purpose of the association is, through education, imparting expertise and good example, the promotion of veganism; this includes the vegan diet as well as a vegan lifestyle.

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Mahatma Gandhi

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